• codice prodotto: SK105901
  • prezzo: 250 € for the modification kit  – without VAT
  • plus 395 € without VAT for the reinforced IMS bearing kit on the link
  • http://www.rsr911.eu/it/2016/08/24/kit-di-riparazione-albero-intermedio/
  • descrizione: the modification is to be bought together with the IMS reinforced bearing from FVD (single or double row, depending on your engine).
  • Thanks to our own modification, the bearing will never work without oil.
  • It is normally half immersed in the engine oil but it can happen, depending on the situation and the use of the vehicle, that it would work without lubrication for a dangerous amount of time.
  • We solved this issue by directly feeding the bearing with pressurized oil coming from the oil sensor opening of the engine. We then modify the actual housing of the bearing and put everything back together.
  • This modification is highly suggested on every 996 and 997, especially if used on track events or on fast mountain roads.
  • The price does not include the installation on the car.
  • modelli: 996 Carrera / 997 Carrera

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