• codice prodotto: 11SI964BR
  • prezzo: 3150 € – without VAT
  • descrizione:
  • through appropriate modifications and flanges, we mount the original 964 Carrera 4 calipers on models 911 3.0 or 3.2.
  • The strength and precision of braking increases enormously, the weight is greatly reduced thanks to the aluminum calipers and,
  • when using the car on tracks, the heat is dissipated much faster.
  • The price includes: working hours for the modification and installation of the calipers, powder coating of the 964 brake calipers, the original new front and rear pads 964, the original 3.2 brake discs , the warning contacts, the damping plates, the new 964 rigid brake hoses, the caliper adapters flanges.
  • Not included: 964 brake calipers (to be found used or supplied by the customer), any racing pads (see Pagid blue in photo), any new 3.0 / 3.2 sports discs, and flexible aeroquipe brake hoses.
  • modelli: 911 3,0/3,2

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