• codice prodotto: ECU96TTS
  • prezzo: 600 € – without VAT
  • descrizione: ECU mapping obtainable in various stages.
  • Stage 1 – street soft 465 cv – 620 Nm: Soft mapping to obtain a more responsive engine at low revs and with a definitely stronger pull at all engine revs, without minimally stressing the mechanical components. Suitable for those who want to achieve more power without stressing the mechanical components and maintaining its known reliability over time.
  • Stage 2 – street sport 490 cv – 640 Nm: Excellent map for those who want to get the most out of their 996 Turbo without intervening too much on the engine: it is necessary to install the 5.0 bar pressure regulator, the reinforced silicone sleeve of the Pop-off valves and two reinforced Pop-off valves. Excellent for road use, while for track use we recommend the installation of two oversized intercoolers to obtain stable engine performance even during long continuous periods on the track, in order to keep the intake air temperatures low.
  • Stage 3 – Performance 540cv – 760 Nm: In addition to the changes mentioned in Stage 2, this map is combined with K24 turbines (like the GT2), a 100 cell or free exhaust with catalysts and a panel sports air filter.
  • Stage 4 – Full power 610cv – 830Nm: This modification requires, in addition to the modifications mentioned in the previous stages, a total upgrade of the intake air system and the exhaust system, combined with an ad-hoc mapping on a dyno bench.
  • Ask for a detailed price quotation by email or by calling us, providing the vehicle’s chassis number, the total km of the vehicle and its general conditions.
  • modelli:  996 TT 420HP, for X50 Turbo more power can be achieved.

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