964 - Desert


"In all these years, Robert has tuned many engines for me but, most of all, he's
always done something even greater: he's made me smile every time I've put pedal
to the metal."

A desert storm 911

The basis of a 964 Carrera 4 has been raised and widened thanks to a complete, personalized, redesigned suspension system: the cinematic has been elongated and double shock absorbers have been installed, together with reinforced driveshafts and interchangeable front and back wheels hubs. A beautiful work made by Orazio Rodorigo.

Another egregious work worth to be mentioned is on the chassis, which has been stiffened, welded and modified by “Jolly Car” from Salò.

Our job was the whole setting of the geometries in order for the car to run perfectly, plus the tuning of the engine.

We worked on the engine heads for a widened and faster air-flow, the compression-ratio is much higher and we chose racing cammes and an Ecu-map in order to achieve a well spread torque output.

This Porsche is now fit for desert roads and dunes, with low torque and low gears, working greatly with its natural 4 wheel drive, as it’s confirmed by the results on Parigi- Dakar and Lybia Rallies.

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