• codice prodotto: OH964R&T
  • prezzo: € 3900,00  + vat
  • descrizione: obtain maximum performance with the Ohlins kit adjustable in extension, hardness and height.
    Thanks to the Dual-flow technology, the car drives well on the road even if the setting is left very rigid, thanks to an internal valve that releases pressure during sudden impacts, such as potholes or uneven roads.
  • The same technology makes sure that you can tackle curbs on the track without the car hopping.
    The quality of each Ohlins brand component is very high and the beauty of the finishes is unparalleled.
    Ohlins’ Classic line has finally taken care of the 964 model with wonderful results.
  • modelli: 964 (specificare l’anno di produzione) / 965

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