PDK transmission solenoid kit

  • codice prodotto: SHPDK116913
  • prezzo: € 580,00 – without VAT
  • descrizione:
  • solenoid kit for PDK trasmission.
  • Instead of replacing the complete gearbox or the complete electromechanical actuator, you can simply replace individual solenoids, which are often the cause of electromechanical problems with PDK shift actuators.
    Spare part not supplied by Porsche.
  • modelli: For Porsche 997/987/981/718 and 991 PDK gearboxes. Specify model and year, alternately provide VIN number.

Snow chain for non-chainable vehicles | 997 / 987

  • codice prodotto: K-SUMMIT K34
  • prezzo: 350,00 €  – without VAT
  • descrizione: snow chain ideal for non-chainable vehicles.
  • There is no internal encumbrance, the chain is in fact attached to one of the original wheel bolts and thanks to the central ratchet it can be tensioned without effort.
  • Tread consisting of alternating plates in particular plastic material with the addition of hard metal nails and chains in special alloy steel. Welded steel bars improve grip on ice and snow.
  • Supplied together with a torque wrench with integrated torque indicator, which informs the user when the ideal value is reached.
  • No contact between rim and chain.
  • Foldable arms for easy storage.
  • modelli: Porsche 997 and 987 Cayman / Boxster

PCM rotary knob set

  • codice prodotto: 99764220101A05 & 99764220201A05
  • prezzo: 68 € – without VAT
  • descrizione: kit for replacing both PCM radio (99764214102) control knobs.
  • The application is by pressure and does not require special tools.
  • modelli: 997 | 987

LSD Limited Slip Differential | 996 / Boxster S 986

  • codice prodotto: SI996CLSD
  • prezzo: 2300 € – without VAT
  • descrizione:
  • Self-locking differential with 12 internal larger diameter discs (6 molybdenum clutch discs and 6 smooth cross discs).
    2 preload springs for gradual and smoother cornering.
    This self-locking Limited slip differential works differently according to the situation, in acceleration it distributes more power to the wheel that needs it most, in deceleration, on the other hand, the self-locking device engages to promote greater stability under braking and a smoother rotation.
    2 setting possibilities:
    -80/45, acceleration lock 40%, braking lock 10%
    -90/60, acceleration lock 55%, braking lock 5%
    The original gearbox flanges need to be slightly modified.
    Excellent for both road and racing use, thanks to the soft initial locking which gives way to a hard locking at full power.
  • modelli: 996 Carrera 2 / 4 / 4s | Boxster S 986

Reinforced IMS bearing kit with oil lubrication by RSR911

  • codice prodotto:
  • SIK996DR  – for double-row IMS bearings
  • SIK9967SR – for single-row IMS bearings
  • prezzo: 650 €  without VAT
  • descrizione:
  • Thanks to the experience gained from years of modifications, tests and installations of reinforced bearings on Carrera models, we can now offer you an IMS kit studied in every detail.
  • Our own-designed reinforced flange with the connection for the lubrication was CNC-machined, as well as the central pinion of greater diameter and hardness, fixed with a Motorsport nut to the flange.
    This avoids lateral play due to the vibrations of the intermediate shaft which could stress the bearing and, over the years, would lead to internal wear.
  • Thanks to our modification, the main problem of these Carrera engines is eliminated, namely the poor lubrication of the intermediate bearing, which originally runs in its grease which over the years liquefies and causes the bearing to seize.
    By conducting the oil under pressure through a braided tube from the oil pressure bulb to the bearing, it is always lubricated directly in the center by a continuous jet, in order to avoid wear and seizure.
  • The bearing is also ceramic with an oversized outer cage in both the double and single row versions.
    The kit can be installed by authorized workshops and Porsche specialists, if necessary we also supply the set of tools for installation with the engine templates of the crankshaft and camshafts.
    Contact us for a complete quote for the installation of the kit or for the supply of the material.
  • modelli: 996 Carrera tutti / 997 Carrera tutti / 986 / 987
    • specify model, option, year of production, or provide the chassis number

Wheelset Fuchs 18" Classic-Design black, with Michelin PS

  • codice prodotto: FKRCD851018BMPS
  • prezzo: 2618 € – without VAT
  • descrizione: Fuchs replica wheelset classic-design, in black.
  • Included with Michelin Pilot Sport N3 tyres, 225/40 ZR18 front and 285/30 ZR18 rear.
  • modelli:  964, 965 Turbo, 993, 996, 986, 987, 981, specify year, model and any optional equipment.
  • Alternatively provide VIN number.

Kit Brembo - GT front - 987 Cayman S

  • codice prodotto: 1M38002A
  • prezzo: 3400 € – without VAT
  • descrizione: the level of technology and perfomance guaranteed by the Brembo Gran Turismo braking systems is unmatched on the market.
  • The use of larger calipers and discs gives the braking system greater thermal capacity and braking torque. Floating discs reduce unsprung rotating masses and disperse heat more quickly.
  • This combination offers the ultimate in Brembo’s cutting-edge technology, in situation ranging from normal daily traffic to the most vigorous High Performance driving.
  • The kit includes calipers with differentiated diameter pistons, floating disc assemblies with CNC aluminum bell, DOT / TÜV approved metal braided hoses, high performance brake pads, billet caliper brackets and all the fastening hardware.
  • Brembo GT braking systems are fully compatible with ABS and traction control systems.
  • Attributi:
    • Ø disc :   Ø355 mm
    • Disco thickness :   32 mm
    • N° caliper pistons :   6 pistons
    • Caliper material :   Cast monobloc
    • Disc material :   Cast iron
    • Disc type :   Compound float
  • colore pinza: black, red, silver, yellow, GT-R nickel*, GT-S oxidized black*
  • *price increase of € 100
  • modelli:  987 Cayman S

Öhlins Road & Track Coilovers - 986 / 987

  • codice prodotto: POS MR80
  • prezzo: 2750 € – without VAT
  • descrizione: With Öhlins Road & Track coilovers you will experience a car with blistering response times, improved bump absorption and a massive amount of grip to increase the safety when driving your car at the limit.
  • The car will be easier to balance on the edge of what the tires can handle before losing grip. You will be much quicker on track. The DFV suspension prevents you from losing the racing line when hitting bumps or curbs. The DFV components within react quickly and keeps you in control of the car and in contact with the track. When driving to and from the track, just set the dampers in road mode for a more relaxed and comfortable drive, still with more grip and quicker response time than ever before.
  • modelli:  986 – 987  Cayman / Boxster, specify production year, model and optionals.
  • Alternatively send us your VIN number.

Bilstein B16 Damptronic Cayman - with Pasm

  • codice prodotto: 115900987BI01
  • prezzo: 3110 € – without VAT
  • descrizione: great electronic suspension kit, adjustable in height and hardness with the OEM sport button, keeping the electronics.
  • It transforms your Cayman in a go-kart, thanks to its already well-balanced weight ratios-
  • modelli: Cayman ’06-’08 (with PASM)