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"Absolutely sophisticated and really fast, probably one of the most gorgeous 911s of all time. A true beast to love and take care of."

Project details

  • Engine: 3.3L, 490cv, 550Nm
  • Gear box: 4 gears, reinforced clutch kit
  • Suspension: McPherson re-designed for low center
  • Width: 2 m.
  • Wheels: 285/40/17 e 335/35/17

A new idea

The vehicle’s 20 cm total enlargement is what catches your eye the most, bringing its total width to 2 meters.

Fenders have been created using old-fashioned craftmanship, molding and bending sheets of metal without using any plaster, privileging this method to the easiest use of fiberglass.

As the drip has given space to a much smoother line of the roof and the backside, also all the rubber bellows and buffers of both bumpers have been replaced by old-reminiscent racing bumpers.

Even the mirrors have been rejuvenated, as well as the lightweight doors with no handle, that can now be opened by an elegant, hidden button.

The lightening (100 Kg lighter than the original 930) and modernization work began in the front, by using Xenon headlights and fog-lights, while a “racing” fuel cap on the hood gives the left fender an uninterrupted and smooth line, without the anti-aestethic gas cap.

In the back there is a lighter wing and an alluminium profile, which delimits a completely handmade central muffler, with an independent outlet for the turbo’ s Wastegate-valve on its side, exactly as it was on the monstrous Porsche 935.

Giving life to the idea

A uniquely shaped, totally handmade exhaust, with an optional valve that opens and closes the muffler, letting the driver decide whether or not you want to scare to death the pedestrians, can only arouse suspicion on what kind of engine lies under the hood:

The original-kept 3.3 L motor delivers 490 hp and 550Nm of torque, with its enormous thrust already felt in low-range.

The engine has been completely modernized while maintaining it original, this has been possible through numerical 3d machining of the heads.

The combined adoption of sport camshafts and a higher compression rate give the engine a much smoother torque than the original and a verified initial thrust that already bangs in at 1500 Rpm.

The mind-blowing turbo torque comes from the choice of a Garret GT35 turbine on bearings, whose minor friction enables a much more fluid rotation.

The glorious amount of power now available from this engine is the consequence of a much lower aspiration temperature, provided by a generously-sized, handmade Intercooler.

To compensate for the reduced amount of air getting into the central fan due to the bigger Intercooler, we’ve installed two air vents alongside the rear windows, which convey a bounty of air directly into the cooling fan.

The legendary 4-gear transmission of the turbo 930 has been mounted with a lightweight Flywheel and clutch kit, while the original McPherson suspension has been redesigned for the lowest possible gravitational point and the best achievable driveability, even with highly reduced suspension excursion. Furthermore, high shoulder tires have been chosen, so to pay tribute to the beasts of the past, with an aestheticaly fabulous width of 335, mounted on 17” Fuchs-design, magnesium wheels.

We’ve then opted for a lightweight, “racing-style” interior, with a rare original Momo Porsche design Steering wheel, original sport seats, and a 400 km/h speedometer (theoretically achievable speed, considering tires circumference and gear ratios).

However, instead of just fussing over cold datas, we much rather want you to enjoy our final product, touching with your own hands what mixed-together past and present can deliver, putting pedal to the metal to notice that this car sounds and feels exactly as it should, driving it with respect and astonishment, knowing that this is how our cars need to be: pure, simple, unique.


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