What we do


Our customers are like old friends, we always keep in touch with them through periodic checks, annual services, diagnoses, advices and resolutions of mechanical problems.

Our periodic oil changes are what matters the most for keeping the engines safe and healthy, particularly referring to 996 and 997 models.

Knowing every models issues and specific weaknesses, we follow a step-by-step program for every Porsche, by choosing the right moments to change parts and to service the car.

We decide, together with the customer, what is to be done immediately and what to procrastinate, in order to have the best experience and to obtain the maximum efficiency and driveability for each vehicle.

This is the only way to transform a business relationship in something more durable and trustworthy, in order to mix passion and friendship in one common brand: Porsche.



The 911’s character can be re-modeled and refined through well-designed modifications, giving birth to a one-off car, embroidered on the customer.

The RSR911 Tuning varies from suspension installments and settings to complete and profound engine building. From bigger capacity engines (up to 4,5L from a standard 993 engine) combined to shorter and more resistant gearboxes, to the installation of PSS10 Bilstein suspension kits with complete setting of weight and geometries, always depending on the needs and ideas of the customer.

We try to create something beautiful and functional, light and powerful, where nothing remains untouched or unrefined, where everything has been taken care of, giving a soul to the project-car.



A Porsche is a timeless creature that has inspired the automotive world for decades.

It has a strong and unique character, therefore a restoration has to faithfully give the car its youth back, without compromising its originality.

The driving feeling, the unmistakable roaring flat-six sound, the tipical stick gearbox, the beauty of its design and its details are features that we try to re-discover in every restoration project.

Restoration, in fact, is what has been keeping us busy the most during these last few years: the complete vehicle disassembly is just the beginning of it., then we start with the chassis high- pressure water cleaning, with the substitution of rusted or broken parts and the creation and modelling of new ones, and so on for very long months, searching for the right materials and parts, looking for every detail that could be made better, on and on until we see the car as it came out of the factory many years ago.

An ancient work of art in a modern world. Ready to live another life.



We’ve recently specialized on the design and creation of personalized details, both on classic 911 and recent models.

The front and rear bumpers of the first generation of 991 models can be made to look more aggressive with a few hidden improvements and touch-ups, without the need to buy a new bumper, while our new ducktail spoiler for 997 competes with the Porsche classic’s one, with its lines that honor the past.

The 964 is a perfect basis for a 2,8 RSR backdate, but it could also be gently modified with some little air inlets and spoilers, so that it suddendly becomes sporty.

The 993 Carrera transforms completely with a GT2 look, improving downforce and channeling more air over the engine to cope with the horsepower and the engine displacement, which always seem to grow.

The 991 Turbo S needs bigger air inlets on the sides for its intercoolers and we have a set ready to be installed, as the 911 2,4T can be lightened and made to look like a 2,7 RS or a 2,3 ST, with aestethics and suspension touches.

There are no limits for the 911 lines and we give ourselves no boundaries whatsoever, in order to achieve the goal that we and the customer set for his/her Porsche.