• codice prodotto: SIKFR3511916964R
  • prezzo: 2560,00 – without VAT
  • descrizione:
  • Complete front and rear sports braking system, consisting of:
    – Front sports brake discs, drilled – 322 mm
    – Set of front sports calipers made in Germany, with identical specifications to the Brembo “Big Red” of the 993 Turbo, with white Porsche lettering on the caliper
    – 2 x Front adapters for Big Red calipers
    – 1 x Street Front and Rear Brake Pad Set (optional racing pads such as Pagid/EBC)
    – Sport braided brake lines set front and rear
    – Damping plates and front and rear pad indicator contacts
    – Rear sports brake discs, drilled – 300 mm
    – Mounting your front 964 calipers on the rear axle, hot painted in “Brembo red” with white Porsche lettering on the caliper
    – Road/sport brake oil or racing brake oil as an option
  • *the kit does not include labour, assembly can be done on site in one day (barring unforeseen events during construction), in which case we prepare ready-painted 964 front calipers to be mounted on the rear axle, and collect yours in rotation
    *according to the model on which we work and the customer’s needs, we could also replace the master cylinder and the pressure regulator, to improve the regulation of the pedal force on the axles
  • modelli:┬áPorsche 964 Carrera 2 / 4

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