Project Nr. 007 - 997 S


"Professionals in this sector .....
obsessive attention to details and lots of expertise!
Only the top for my porsche .... therefore only RSR911!"

Attention to the detail

The original front bumper has been modified through the use of our own-designed fiberglass inserts: by widening the side air intakes and by eliminating the housings of the original indicator lights, we have obtained an updated and sporty look, which fits perfectly with the 991 LED indicator lights, applied from the inside.

The lower spoiler gives the 997 a menacing air, acting as a frame for the bumper, with a refined style.

Classic on modern

Not being totally convinced of the shapes of the classic ducktail for the 997 supplied by the Stuttgart company, we decided to create our own prototype.

By trying and trying again we came to what we had in mind, exactly as we liked it; a smoother line than the ducktail found on the 2.7 RS, a line that follows all the otherĀ ones, creating parallel waves with the bodywork.

From the mold, we then moved on to the final product in high quality fiberglass, giving life to a classy spoiler, plug&play.

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