914/6 rally


"Robert and his staff had to invent a brand new rally car...I'd say they won the bet!"

Project details

  • Engine: 2.0 L
  • Gearbox: 901 rinforzato
  • Chassis: irrigidito e saldato

A new rally car

When I asked Robert to prepare my street legal 914/6 2.0L for the Group 4 Rally, he asked me for some time to decide whether to do it or not, being a 911’s lover.

After only two days he accepted the challenge, and a true challenge it was.

Not just because it was the first time he worked on this specific model, but also because the historic fiches of homologation didn’t permit much modification at all.

In fact, Porsche itself had never moved forward with the project since the year 1970.

Unique car of rare beauty

My 914/6 Group 4 was the one and only between all the 911s, and it was really admired too. Extraordinary engine, great torque and infinite reliability.

Pity for the brakes, too little, but they were the only ones with the homologation.

In the first rallies we put in place all the little details about the car, the only problem we found was the gearbox that suffered the performance and the good tires: we had to reinforce it in every possible way, also putting an electric pump and a radiator in the back to cool the oil.

At first we couldn’t understand the car’s behaviour and its limits, then we found the perfect suspension setting and it’s been a pleasure to drive it ever since!

Lorenzo Delladio


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