PDK transmission solenoid kit

  • codice prodotto: SHPDK116913
  • prezzo: € 580,00 – without VAT
  • descrizione:
  • solenoid kit for PDK trasmission.
  • Instead of replacing the complete gearbox or the complete electromechanical actuator, you can simply replace individual solenoids, which are often the cause of electromechanical problems with PDK shift actuators.
    Spare part not supplied by Porsche.
  • modelli: For Porsche 997/987/981/718 and 991 PDK gearboxes. Specify model and year, alternately provide VIN number.

LSD Limited Slip Differential | 996 / Boxster S 986

  • codice prodotto: SI996CLSD
  • prezzo: 2300 € – without VAT
  • descrizione:
  • Self-locking differential with 12 internal larger diameter discs (6 molybdenum clutch discs and 6 smooth cross discs).
    2 preload springs for gradual and smoother cornering.
    This self-locking Limited slip differential works differently according to the situation, in acceleration it distributes more power to the wheel that needs it most, in deceleration, on the other hand, the self-locking device engages to promote greater stability under braking and a smoother rotation.
    2 setting possibilities:
    -80/45, acceleration lock 40%, braking lock 10%
    -90/60, acceleration lock 55%, braking lock 5%
    The original gearbox flanges need to be slightly modified.
    Excellent for both road and racing use, thanks to the soft initial locking which gives way to a hard locking at full power.
  • modelli: 996 Carrera 2 / 4 / 4s | Boxster S 986